Friday, December 30, 2016

Battle attainment of necessary objective warfare which are important annual exercise as so to reason its outlook separate from its experience and so taking on it is strategic and breaking in so a point of reference.Analysis many in so attainment of a goal.Just as so following war as art or science.Just as though Hong Kong is a #1 patriot capital of the world White Plains NY is not far behind at #17.Even is so to help as though the war is economical.All wars are economic.Money is the key to war.Just as though if they wanted to irradicate it it would vanish.Gold and economical war.

Monday, December 26, 2016

when general paleologos lemonis invented the military flank it was invented due to a heightened military minor flank 1821 alexander the great.

Friday, December 23, 2016

when everything in the realm of quantum experimental theory has been tested. In warfare 60% are well in equipped  to fight in war. Well in so that very 60% is unwilling according to experiments of war rather to cease an not in so return fire .Yes indeed the majority of troop during ww2 where in turn equipped rather to cease than use there weapons.50 million or so Russian ceased more than 70 million according to some statistics .War  was tool rather than a thought theory .Yes in deed a tool of quantum realism .Fantasy  rather than reality overrun by fantasy in a major conflict of thought  . Reasoning quantum  shrodinger cat danger according to the realm of reality . abstract optimism disbarred  logical intelligence rather than major confrontation passenger thought filed from its own reasoning ability shaped modernized the major battlefield of the 21 century number in so as thought are arranged and thought number are conflicted as casualties. Shrodingers cat experiments of modern reality. More realistic an more outstading  population vast experiments. Abstract optimism  from impossible logical logic impulse intelligence local passenger thought from emotional abstractions shape and modernize the thoughts as limitless and so many sea and sands so many they are so many. A crushing I repeat a crushing weight of heavy iron chains defeat.Unlimate goal the human conscious.As so feeling insane insane in so to feel.A complete psychological judgement in so creation reduced to tiny dots mortal immortal bridge.Are Judging.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

sufficient relation sometimes often occurs in so as hidden cloak of system failure as ignorant and naive as having another one an exact one as so duality becomes the key to invention in so we claim is there another in so patent in so duality may prove the other is so sufficient energy become as the one to intertwine as so duplicate is the other truly a duplicate in so its systems are down or just the invention in which finds itself calling it a name.In so we fall in to some sort of unraveling taking place a miracle Gordian Knot of Alexander to be know as so its system may be low nothing becomes the start of something in so the Miracle becomes the substance though it may be great the mathematical duplicate will prove it so.In so it is as the sea and sands Nothing in return holds all the information.
a connection in which a housing military system may influence its incredible of knowledge.Time and time again we find many in so function around this military system.Perfectly clear of its clear obstructions in it so it holds key to economical success.For in so to in turn forbear its war and labors.Let it be so my friend and so earnest i write.Half the new Jobs in Britain owe some sort of good unto the issue at hand.Stands through almost a tribunal of faith and in so freedom becomes the open door of respect all in so war before the government of Rome Jesus or Barnabas to proclaim in shew freedom become the start of this it so in labor are.The revolutionary Barnabas to forbear the work of the Roman Empire the work of the Uprisings of Israel at that time the inventions the labor force in the multitude of millions to conform Rome anew.To Forbear!In so he did truly shew the Labors of war.A suspension of its principals.For in so the world works ahead.A suspension mortal to Immortal through work.A bridge to delay in so creation to become and order of above the feelings of war.To become tiny dots through Labors of war.A suspension of the Art of war.
Kirchhoff  counted zero as a real number to enter below.The realm in which its impulse lived.
If therefore we are to consider the stretching moral truth and hypothetical progress selfish same an unbending idea a philosophical equation into a reasoning ability fact deduced from tracking this prolonged force of thought into the sphere of the acoustic realm of war/Many have experience a syndrome of ideas many syndromes of life realm of exposure to war.And as so have not rested.Of the moment of the realm of rest.Under tree summer night to clear many or most thoughts of the syndrome in which it lives and desires the realm of health into creating rest.Again a decision is brewing in rest a decision of truth.Whether in fact the army is truly rested in order the war to begin and fight again war in so is eternal.A soldier can play into a war system forever.As so the country in which gets into the war is eternal.The oath eternal.The death with mistake real.The Up and down mobility real and eternal with in it all rest.A decision of truth rest.But as important as truth of getting into war which it rest.Again in so it turns into a strategy of war true before war to enter rest.Upon so its principals upon its meditation hovers to attain it.But in so it turns also to decide war.Elements become decisive.There war is decisive,Try equally it decides war.An upon war it rests.Only then it can be shown the true principal of war to notice it.And in so a focal point as so it becomes and consumes like giants.Objectives are also met in so it becomes an absolute factor of this equation.As so you in turn mathematics become the soldier any rank and rate math deduces its other half.Clean in so like patents of invention through the cycle of rest and war.Again ranks an rates deduced math.A soldier and statesman stand in turn evolve humanity.We are all the same soldier citizen according to math.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Capitalism,Fascism,Communism are based on one idea.What is not Big is not real.They are the same.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

  We might consider higher point of view by all probability difficult prepared by means of my suitable point on the other rule established law in general over must allow boldness to favor prudent maze.who does not as a rule enforce any victory shall be excluded for a heightened moral effect.
Mostly attribute of old professional geared mining laws in so this will be main objective of success.
a heightened state of alertness is never necessary when in turn most are complicated in substance.Only when i come to grasp with its political reasoning can i attain its sense of power.The only energy that in {Platos} book are mostly the shadows and the allegory.But in show in turn its true a candle its shadow to distinct possibilities when reflecting the source of light.But as so the candle must move in direction of the wind so too can we reflect the importance of the Great Man.Plato was so concerned to bring with him the light to Greece of the ancient world that he has mostly kept some piece with himself to share at least his shadow.But as so this all must be as clear as day.We can turn again to excluded principals of the flank and connect which good that is right all upward angles are the same.But as so in turn its makeup will be unknown.For Future sense to have its own reasoning.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Relations principal sustained attainment of the real furer or map.Important are also the consequences of wording in sequence for all must be in a forward toward battle for to to move throughout Europe.As end of it should be read with field order in a series of end determinations for end to take in an army of men.Field that if taken in persistently determined to themselves in all things beforehand the details in the furer map toward that there is no waste in power latent depend for all passed in sequence as so to have an anchor effect of power consequences for other to be called and to have many exercises body and munitions.Only a strong army which in turn should nevertheless of a certain certainty of fire victorious effort of combination of solutions and of foundation wisdom ill discipline.Give themselves over to a destructive nature by it.Therefore discipline becomes a focus of exercise in the armies success.Key function comparing enemy armed superior combinations of liquid element defeat.Necessity  of implied well.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

having brought to mind relations allowed have indeed let imprinted ideas number through our thoughts well indeed combat can have that as a notion.employed this grain of cooperation allowed suffice.number most than will remain a pompus useless lose because a person new to his ideas can form them with a structure different from seldom thought.A great responsibility is thought ideas form reality.many as so have  claimed amnesia during war crisis not of the head but of the spirit.Sort of a magnet that moves the gulf currents.for there is always more?Called in so a acting approach to war.Music in so kindled free idea of politics music properly so called ideas was no one left should this in turn be reconsidered.No as so acting becomes manic as so it becomes low.Talented actors fill the roles of the stage screen which in turn demand a crowd much could be said the but the mind it its towering reflection of thought built indeed alone.Alone and with natural ideas brought to surface my a triggering of hand on assembly.By so represent hands on encounter war-like in so encountered dangers remedy of the sun that approaches the morning.It would not reflect central could not be so for if going forward would scandalize.By this attainment we endeavor more in the thought a directions of erasers.Knowledge becomes that of mothers and children humming and drumming it so.A construction of branches in a voiding realm.Fact nothing is it so does real conduct involve the war or in so does it turn to nothing like as so a magnet like mentioned earlier an magnet moving shrugging explaining only the sign.It might seem funny in so to reflect.Minds and narratives appeared to approach it should no head be left to its natural course of action or in so can a source of action be found.Can in turn hold the key of evil.Is it like Kant mentioned metaphysical metamorphosis or and so is it some other door of perception in which they exist to prosper.Look at the grains they are exact the ocean keeps its depth.But as in so a sign will be more willing colder to approach his military being than most would care to believe of as ravished by famine or some other disaster over flow its bound and creep up into the land waged only by a principal seemingly ideal for new decrees to be built to keep it out ..or in so is it teaching from the will of a great battle.sum lingers in some kinda limbo without understanding where it is in total.this will happen again and again to form itself usually beyond the eons of life and earth or fir.intellectual life.greater to sustain itself most by the thought of its existence.i will call it the genie in the bottle.the start and end.limpenza de in itself good.respecting in itself sin or no sin allowed like in so a primitive life force.routine fixed life servicing it in good stewardship.affecting in a whole as a material thing like a lizard walking the earth 200 years ago evolving forward into history.such a systematic approach to can an should be found in life dealing with its realm more ideas.incapable of reasoning the lizard enters into the mans soup what not eat the soup after all it is our offspring.a ruler an authority whether powerful or no exclaims now a fear of lizards.common you don't expect life to army in turn to repeat itself the ideas still as insulting as a lizard in the soup nearly appearing 40 or so years later.real conduct exists  in ideas they form through our bloodlines whether this or that....

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

certainly we cannot always rule out.a spiral thought undermining a apparatus of a species of plant forms.Thats its called in all it requirements forms to precede mastering of the disclosed spirit precise.In order to create a theory or an enemy obtaining it.As a reaction against its objective.But many have taken there time in figuring this out.That in turn to exist of foresight to be conformed to a terrain of land.Made as a imperial appearance.That it shall always be a room of available thought.
After all it will be taken from the terrain.It exclaims go back.Of a field and crown approach to it one form of district policy.Of One complete sudden swing of pronounced idea.that in turn The concern will be the construction flow of ideas.The activity in turn will lower the expectations in itself will hold the key to the success of the whole word in sense.But one in turn will become another by throwing correct idea after idea.Its appearance we could imagine in so branched philosophical exclaimed moving special reclaimed partitions.Mens in turn deliver there mostly optimistic approach.In a narrative of certain life.Like a hands on approach to its learning ability.In thus it turned for more information only to be supplemented by a spark of stark dark order.Voiding it offense in turn to become a secret element in personality erasing its first and assuming its second.Yes in an active real time solution it will be more shove and push it old to new.A have me no object to conform.Because this in its simple stage can become anew it older most fanatical stage would raise arc in the art of the material sense.Not in its after all attended matter but in it different principal stage.
Creation in all its results because it assertion would be that to pull in itself adds.In all accordant natural sense.Adding to nature never taking away.....

Monday, February 8, 2016

w/50.000 survive in the richest neighborhoods of America by going solar car low voltage lighting air conditioned designs.Survival Food.In which saving of such would be 4.5 million in 30 years,,,,,,,

Sunday, January 31, 2016

proletariat (/proletariat communism as same as captilism one fact nobody keeps or holds wealth the country takes everything.that in turn no wealth is earned.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Part of the ussrs ranking in the world is due to its fact that in so is a un maned strategic superpower.Yes indeed a superior superpower.As so Vietnam is second only to the united states in strategic influence in the so a notable heroic gallant effort has been made by mainly a migrating immigrating society the Asian influence as you will is more peaceful than the Arabic German English an yes American mode.When sadaam hence to rid himself of his generals of this in turn a hateful defense if you would at least know as this it was there country.but even so the generals where killed to create death as so to profile some sort of masterful pretense of war!and everyone whom cared about Iraq was pretense to create a domino effect of invasion.and no we where not after weapons mass destruction.Like thus Charles Manson's corner and his collies into the window of perception we step into his they love me charles exclaimed yes indeed the believed blindly.And who is to know.a storage of a blood guiltless dictator after all he knew our lips and tongues to proclaim peace.look behold in the mirror!look behold!There we see Charles again aka Sadaam the has never been another Nebucennezar there has never been.they bond the affirmed blood bath his rooms in marble and brass.At least i hope a name will come like exodus or something biblical sanctuary and address the issue Palestine?Sorry reader for getting graffic.But in so peace will someday bring a sword and in turn make us understand it better.and yes i do know its on!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Determined by a port of awake stage.Although waking from a sound sleep to a firm action of response.A Protestant reflex or so Russian Orthodox reflex.Humorous think again on this a sound sleep from Spetznaz forces would be of a big gift for any Special Forces.After all Special Forces do not sleep.As though hypothetically awake and rising they take to the sink for water.Palm awake smacking back of the head soundly two three times or until awake.Wrestling with an precautionary death.To detach in order to follow its played role prominent.Awake the volume escalates of voiced through the corridors in general. Sources Uprising like as though the bolshevik revolution is actually happening.The day and timer are going even so the soviet forces from being copied in warfare its philosophy unchanged trying as hard and determined each time.Documents even by so the shadows of rising special forces against some or sort hardship and revolution only in so can it be endured by one person.Is communism the bulb in this reflex Protestant Greece Russia Bulgaria Romania Hungary etc etc etc.Are people just entering a room a corridor.A place in which bad happens only to one person after all it could be one of Us.But only one man may know even Plato his shadows allegory of the cave.Is it needing of change or just a revolution in which death is a game in which awakens us all.

Monday, January 18, 2016

{composed upon the westminster bridge}

September 3 1802

earth has not any thing to show more fair
dull he would be of soul who could pass by
a sight so touching in it majesty
this city doth like a government wear
the beauty of the morning silent have
ships,towers,domes.theaters ***
open unto the fields and unto the sky
all height and glittering in the smokeless air
never did the sun move beautifully sleep
in his first splendor valley rock or hill
no'er saw i never felt a calm so deep
the river gliddeth at his own sweet will
dear God the very houses seem asleep
and all the mighty heart is lying still...