Thursday, December 15, 2016

If therefore we are to consider the stretching moral truth and hypothetical progress selfish same an unbending idea a philosophical equation into a reasoning ability fact deduced from tracking this prolonged force of thought into the sphere of the acoustic realm of war/Many have experience a syndrome of ideas many syndromes of life realm of exposure to war.And as so have not rested.Of the moment of the realm of rest.Under tree summer night to clear many or most thoughts of the syndrome in which it lives and desires the realm of health into creating rest.Again a decision is brewing in rest a decision of truth.Whether in fact the army is truly rested in order the war to begin and fight again war in so is eternal.A soldier can play into a war system forever.As so the country in which gets into the war is eternal.The oath eternal.The death with mistake real.The Up and down mobility real and eternal with in it all rest.A decision of truth rest.But as important as truth of getting into war which it rest.Again in so it turns into a strategy of war true before war to enter rest.Upon so its principals upon its meditation hovers to attain it.But in so it turns also to decide war.Elements become decisive.There war is decisive,Try equally it decides war.An upon war it rests.Only then it can be shown the true principal of war to notice it.And in so a focal point as so it becomes and consumes like giants.Objectives are also met in so it becomes an absolute factor of this equation.As so you in turn mathematics become the soldier any rank and rate math deduces its other half.Clean in so like patents of invention through the cycle of rest and war.Again ranks an rates deduced math.A soldier and statesman stand in turn evolve humanity.We are all the same soldier citizen according to math.

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