Friday, December 23, 2016

when everything in the realm of quantum experimental theory has been tested. In warfare 60% are well in equipped  to fight in war. Well in so that very 60% is unwilling according to experiments of war rather to cease an not in so return fire .Yes indeed the majority of troop during ww2 where in turn equipped rather to cease than use there weapons.50 million or so Russian ceased more than 70 million according to some statistics .War  was tool rather than a thought theory .Yes in deed a tool of quantum realism .Fantasy  rather than reality overrun by fantasy in a major conflict of thought  . Reasoning quantum  shrodinger cat danger according to the realm of reality . abstract optimism disbarred  logical intelligence rather than major confrontation passenger thought filed from its own reasoning ability shaped modernized the major battlefield of the 21 century number in so as thought are arranged and thought number are conflicted as casualties. Shrodingers cat experiments of modern reality. More realistic an more outstading  population vast experiments. Abstract optimism  from impossible logical logic impulse intelligence local passenger thought from emotional abstractions shape and modernize the thoughts as limitless and so many sea and sands so many they are so many. A crushing I repeat a crushing weight of heavy iron chains defeat.Unlimate goal the human conscious.As so feeling insane insane in so to feel.A complete psychological judgement in so creation reduced to tiny dots mortal immortal bridge.Are Judging.

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