Tuesday, April 3, 2018

basic training to be a guerilla is tied to tree for a very long time no food water one week

Thursday, March 22, 2018

the agenda for the day is in minutes.Minutes must explain all the day in 7 minutes.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

it is noble to work but i say unto you if thou shall labor work it is better to labor with the mind.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Overlooking war as pretense has had its consequences.A zero pretense of war in so can create a domino effect of war and warlike behavior in comparison to two factors.The army Mission in command protecting and serving and the army in mission control constantly in war.Enemies and factor all decided in so the end of war.A humbling blow.As people and armies so in so contempt with the atmosphere of war creates in itself a loss.And is so if you can handle a pocket watch take away piece by piece and throw away will it come back?In so a double enemy a friend of an enemy in so creating in itself a utopia of war.Philosophic adherent to the first and second creating an outer atmosphere of evil and inner of closed war.In so Clausewitz would guess a troop surge would in so bring another war.But in so create peace be so deficient to war.Why in so economical success in circling economic and broken away.Yes indeed broken away severed partly by its impossible peace like war.For if so zero pretense of war is war if there is no evidence of it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Perikles an ancient Greek Hellene was indeed the designer and architect of today's earthquake proof Greece.The Greek Brick is Number 2 in Worldly's markets.Greek Bricks are great indeed but without Perikles they are no more than clay.As of so indeed he was great.But Let's look deeper into this design into the ancient greek ship builders 2.5 feet 4x4 was the start of Great Buildings of old.Earthquake proof and so it makes a great wooden ship.A foundation beam was indeed used at the left ceiling.Ancient and so But could hold many Tons of weight greater indeed than today's 2x4..

Friday, December 30, 2016

Battle attainment of necessary objective warfare which are important annual exercise as so to reason its outlook separate from its experience and so taking on it is strategic and breaking in so a point of reference.Analysis many in so attainment of a goal.Just as so following war as art or science.Just as though Hong Kong is a #1 patriot capital of the world White Plains NY is not far behind at #17.Even is so to help as though the war is economical.All wars are economic.Money is the key to war.Just as though if they wanted to irradicate it it would vanish.Gold and economical war.

Monday, December 26, 2016

when general paleologos lemonis invented the military flank it was invented due to a heightened military alert.asia minor flank 1821 alexander the great.

Friday, December 23, 2016

when everything in the realm of quantum experimental theory has been tested. In warfare 60% are well in equipped  to fight in war. Well in so that very 60% is unwilling according to experiments of war rather to cease an not in so return fire .Yes indeed the majority of troop during ww2 where in turn equipped rather to cease than use there weapons.50 million or so Russian ceased more than 70 million according to some statistics .War  was tool rather than a thought theory .Yes in deed a tool of quantum realism .Fantasy  rather than reality overrun by fantasy in a major conflict of thought  . Reasoning quantum  shrodinger cat danger according to the realm of reality . abstract optimism disbarred  logical intelligence rather than major confrontation passenger thought filed from its own reasoning ability shaped modernized the major battlefield of the 21 century number in so as thought are arranged and thought number are conflicted as casualties. Shrodingers cat experiments of modern reality. More realistic an more outstading  population vast experiments. Abstract optimism  from impossible logical logic impulse intelligence local passenger thought from emotional abstractions shape and modernize the thoughts as limitless and so many sea and sands so many they are so many. A crushing I repeat a crushing weight of heavy iron chains defeat.Unlimate goal the human conscious.As so feeling insane insane in so to feel.A complete psychological judgement in so creation reduced to tiny dots mortal immortal bridge.Are Judging.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

sufficient relation sometimes often occurs in so as hidden cloak of system failure as ignorant and naive as having another one an exact one as so duality becomes the key to invention in so we claim is there another in so patent in so duality may prove the other is so sufficient energy become as the one to intertwine as so duplicate is the other truly a duplicate in so its systems are down or just the invention in which finds itself calling it a name.In so we fall in to some sort of unraveling taking place a miracle Gordian Knot of Alexander to be know as so its system may be low nothing becomes the start of something in so the Miracle becomes the substance though it may be great the mathematical duplicate will prove it so.In so it is as the sea and sands Nothing in return holds all the information.
a connection in which a housing military system may influence its incredible of knowledge.Time and time again we find many in so function around this military system.Perfectly clear of its clear obstructions in it so it holds key to economical success.For in so to in turn forbear its war and labors.Let it be so my friend and so earnest i write.Half the new Jobs in Britain owe some sort of good unto the issue at hand.Stands through almost a tribunal of faith and in so freedom becomes the open door of respect all in so war before the government of Rome Jesus or Barnabas to proclaim in shew freedom become the start of this it so in labor are.The revolutionary Barnabas to forbear the work of the Roman Empire the work of the Uprisings of Israel at that time the inventions the labor force in the multitude of millions to conform Rome anew.To Forbear!In so he did truly shew the Labors of war.A suspension of its principals.For in so the world works ahead.A suspension mortal to Immortal through work.A bridge to delay in so creation to become and order of above the feelings of war.To become tiny dots through Labors of war.A suspension of the Art of war.
Kirchhoff  counted zero as a real number to enter below.The realm in which its impulse lived.
If therefore we are to consider the stretching moral truth and hypothetical progress selfish same an unbending idea a philosophical equation into a reasoning ability fact deduced from tracking this prolonged force of thought into the sphere of the acoustic realm of war/Many have experience a syndrome of ideas many syndromes of life realm of exposure to war.And as so have not rested.Of the moment of the realm of rest.Under tree summer night to clear many or most thoughts of the syndrome in which it lives and desires the realm of health into creating rest.Again a decision is brewing in rest a decision of truth.Whether in fact the army is truly rested in order the war to begin and fight again war in so is eternal.A soldier can play into a war system forever.As so the country in which gets into the war is eternal.The oath eternal.The death with mistake real.The Up and down mobility real and eternal with in it all rest.A decision of truth rest.But as important as truth of getting into war which it rest.Again in so it turns into a strategy of war true before war to enter rest.Upon so its principals upon its meditation hovers to attain it.But in so it turns also to decide war.Elements become decisive.There war is decisive,Try equally it decides war.An upon war it rests.Only then it can be shown the true principal of war to notice it.And in so a focal point as so it becomes and consumes like giants.Objectives are also met in so it becomes an absolute factor of this equation.As so you in turn mathematics become the soldier any rank and rate math deduces its other half.Clean in so like patents of invention through the cycle of rest and war.Again ranks an rates deduced math.A soldier and statesman stand in turn evolve humanity.We are all the same soldier citizen according to math.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Capitalism,Fascism,Communism are based on one idea.What is not Big is not real.They are the same.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

  We might consider higher point of view by all probability difficult prepared by means of my suitable point on the other rule established law in general over must allow boldness to favor prudent maze.who does not as a rule enforce any victory shall be excluded for a heightened moral effect.
Mostly attribute of old professional geared mining laws in so this will be main objective of success.
a heightened state of alertness is never necessary when in turn most are complicated in substance.Only when i come to grasp with its political reasoning can i attain its sense of power.The only energy that in {Platos} book are mostly the shadows and the allegory.But in show in turn its true a candle its shadow to distinct possibilities when reflecting the source of light.But as so the candle must move in direction of the wind so too can we reflect the importance of the Great Man.Plato was so concerned to bring with him the light to Greece of the ancient world that he has mostly kept some piece with himself to share at least his shadow.But as so this all must be as clear as day.We can turn again to excluded principals of the flank and connect which good that is right all upward angles are the same.But as so in turn its makeup will be unknown.For Future sense to have its own reasoning.