Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Overlooking war as pretense has had its consequences.A zero pretense of war in so can create a domino effect of war and warlike behavior in comparison to two factors.The army Mission in command protecting and serving and the army in mission control constantly in war.Enemies and factor all decided in so the end of war.A humbling blow.As people and armies so in so contempt with the atmosphere of war creates in itself a loss.And is so if you can handle a pocket watch take away piece by piece and throw away will it come back?In so a double enemy a friend of an enemy in so creating in itself a utopia of war.Philosophic adherent to the first and second creating an outer atmosphere of evil and inner of closed war.In so Clausewitz would guess a troop surge would in so bring another war.But in so create peace be so deficient to war.Why in so economical success in circling economic and broken away.Yes indeed broken away severed partly by its impossible peace like war.For if so zero pretense of war is war if there is no evidence of it.

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