Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Determined by a port of awake stage.Although waking from a sound sleep to a firm action of response.A Protestant reflex or so Russian Orthodox reflex.Humorous think again on this a sound sleep from Spetznaz forces would be of a big gift for any Special Forces.After all Special Forces do not sleep.As though hypothetically awake and rising they take to the sink for water.Palm awake smacking back of the head soundly two three times or until awake.Wrestling with an precautionary death.To detach in order to follow its played role prominent.Awake the volume escalates of voiced through the corridors in general. Sources Uprising like as though the bolshevik revolution is actually happening.The day and timer are going even so the soviet forces from being copied in warfare its philosophy unchanged trying as hard and determined each time.Documents even by so the shadows of rising special forces against some or sort hardship and revolution only in so can it be endured by one person.Is communism the bulb in this reflex Protestant Greece Russia Bulgaria Romania Hungary etc etc etc.Are people just entering a room a corridor.A place in which bad happens only to one person after all it could be one of Us.But only one man may know even Plato his shadows allegory of the cave.Is it needing of change or just a revolution in which death is a game in which awakens us all.

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