Friday, January 29, 2016

Part of the ussrs ranking in the world is due to its fact that in so is a un maned strategic superpower.Yes indeed a superior superpower.As so Vietnam is second only to the united states in strategic influence in the so a notable heroic gallant effort has been made by mainly a migrating immigrating society the Asian influence as you will is more peaceful than the Arabic German English an yes American mode.When sadaam hence to rid himself of his generals of this in turn a hateful defense if you would at least know as this it was there country.but even so the generals where killed to create death as so to profile some sort of masterful pretense of war!and everyone whom cared about Iraq was pretense to create a domino effect of invasion.and no we where not after weapons mass destruction.Like thus Charles Manson's corner and his collies into the window of perception we step into his they love me charles exclaimed yes indeed the believed blindly.And who is to know.a storage of a blood guiltless dictator after all he knew our lips and tongues to proclaim peace.look behold in the mirror!look behold!There we see Charles again aka Sadaam the has never been another Nebucennezar there has never been.they bond the affirmed blood bath his rooms in marble and brass.At least i hope a name will come like exodus or something biblical sanctuary and address the issue Palestine?Sorry reader for getting graffic.But in so peace will someday bring a sword and in turn make us understand it better.and yes i do know its on!

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